Brescia Professor to Take a Bite out of Big Apple – Radio Western

“They can learn how to purchase food more sustainably; they can learn just basic food skills that many people don’t have. Once they learn those skills, they can teach that to their peers.” – Dr. Matthews.

 Dr. Matthews was interviewed by Radio Western about her presentation of the FRESH program at the UN DPI/NGO Conference at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

 Dr. Matthews was invited to speak at the UN DPI/NGO Conference, which will focus on the topic of a sustainable future. In the interview, Dr. Matthews explains how she will focus on peer education at the conference. Food waste is a sustainability issue, and “Dr. Matthews believes that talking about food waste is a form of food literacy that can affect changing climate.  She believes food literacy is an important skill to teach.” Young people can be taught how to purchase food more sustainably and learn basic food skills. They can then teach their peers these skills.

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