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“FRESH at Oakridge? I’d be down for that”: A qualitative focus group study – Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference

An abstract on the FRESH program at Oakridge Secondary School was accepted at the Dietitians of Canada Annual Conference in Quebec City, Quebec.

The abstract, written by Cheikh, N. Dworatzek, P, & Matthews, J. (2015), summarizes their research “FRESH at Oakridge? I’d be down for that”: A qualitiative focus group study. “The objective of this formative evaluation was to assess the transferability of the FRESH program prior to implementing it at Oakridge S.S.”

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FRESH: A Peer Education Student Wellness Initiative

Dr. Matthews and Anne Zok were invited to present at the Ontario University College Health Promoters’ Association Annual Fall Meeting at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. In November 2014 they delivered their presentation entitled, FRESH: A peer education student wellness initiative.

Peer Education and Sustainable Development

Dr. Matthews, on behalf of FRESH co-advisors, Anne Zok and Dr. Paula Dworatzek, made an invited presentation on the FRESH program at the UN DPI/NGO conference in the United Nations Headquarters, New York (Aug 2014). The presentation was entitled, Peer education and sustainable development

Brescia Professor to Take a Bite out of Big Apple – Radio Western

“They can learn how to purchase food more sustainably; they can learn just basic food skills that many people don’t have. Once they learn those skills, they can teach that to their peers.” – Dr. Matthews.

 Dr. Matthews was interviewed by Radio Western about her presentation of the FRESH program at the UN DPI/NGO Conference at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

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