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Food Resources & Education for Student Health

Comprehensive peer nutrition education program created by and for university students.

FRESH began as a class assignment for graduate students in the MScFN program at Brescia University College in 2010. Over these years, under the guidance of Dr. Paula Dworatzek and Dr. June Matthews, and in collaboration with Hospitality Services at Western, each cohort of graduates has contributed a new component to this program. Now, we use multiple strategies designed to increase awareness, improve knowledge, build skills, and influence the campus food environment. We offer experimental learning opportunities for undergraduate students to educate their peers about…

Our Programs.


Consists of student-led nutrition education session that can be tailored to the wants and needs of the requesting group. A live cooking demonstration has been our most requested event up-to-date.

FRESH Healthy Plate

Found at the point-of-purchase in each of the eight Western residences, the FRESH Healthy Plate serves to remind students to make half their plate Vegetables & Fruits, 1/4 Lean Proteins, and 1/4 Whole Grains.


Found on the tables in the eight residences' dining halls, FRESH facts aim to highlight tidbits of valuable nutrition information.

FRESH Fruit/Salad/Dairy Cards

Each time a student purchase a fruit, salad, or dairy product from Western residences or eateries on main campus, their 'Fruit/Salad/Dairy Card' will be stamped. Once nine stamps have been reached, they get the 10th for free!

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Our Articles.


Half your “FRESH” Plate

FRESH VP Ambassador Coordinator Gaby Burt-D’Agnillo wrote a blog post for the Half your Plate (HYP) website discussing FRESH’s initiatives at Western and how they align with the goals behind…
fresh branded foods

FRESH- branded food a hot seller – Western News

Products labeled ‘FRESH approved’ help students identify nutritious foods on the Western campus. This article highlights the success of this program and its initiative to help students make healthier food choices. …

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